Why Flowery Branch?


Located 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta, and home to Lake Lanier and the Atlanta Falcons, Flowery Branch has been named the 4thsafest and 8thfastest growing city in Georgia for the year 2019. With a population growth estimated to increase by close to 50% in the next four years, Flowery Branch is a city on the rise in need of more new churches to keep up with the influx of new families pouring into the area. 


Of those who call Flowery Branch home, nearly 6 in 10 have no involvement with church, and of those who do attend church, nearly 1 in 3 are Catholic. Additionally, close to 1 in 4 people in Flowery Branch (25%) identify themselves as “nones,” claiming no religious preference, or “spiritual,” meaning they are religious, but not Christian or another religion. As a result, the city of Flowery Branch is in desperate need of more grace-full, hope-full and faith-full gospel believing and gospel preaching churches like Grace Church.


The gospel is needed
in flowery branch


Growing Populace

• Flowery Branch has a population of ~98,000 people (that number is expected to grow to nearly 114,000 in the next five years)

• The Flowery Branch zip code is expected to grow by over 15% in the next five years

• One of ten fastest growing cities in the state.

Increasing Lostness

• Nearly 54% are not involved with any church (this number is expected to rise to 61% in the next 10 years)

• Of the 46% that cite some church involvement, nearly 32% identify as Catholic

• 25% of the population identify as “Nones” (having no religious preference) or “spiritual” (neither Christian or other religion)

Multiplying Families

  • Average and median age of 37

  • Largely composed of families between the ages of 35-54 who have school-aged children at home and place a high priority on family

  • Well-educated people working mostly white-collar jobs